Remembering the Caplis and Silverman Show

After the 2016 election and all of the subsequent news and happenings in the world of politics, 2008 seems so long ago. Back then Dan Caplis and Craig Silverman were hosting a radio show in Denver. Dan Caplis is an attorney and founding partner of Dan Caplis Law. He leans on the conservative side. He is the son of a Chicago police officer and the only conservative in his family. Craig Silverman is also an attorney, but he is a moderate liberal. He once ran for District Attorney, so he has always had an interest in politics as well as law.

Using their legal expertise, the two developed a pretty successful radio show in Denver covering the top political stories of the day. It became so popular that the New York Times did a feature on the two hosts and the show in 2008. You can read the story yourself here.

The feature took place right around the time when an upstart first-term senator from Chicago was going head-to-head against a war hero who made a career for himself as a maverick senator. Denver hosted the Democratic National Convention that year so political excitement was high. At the time of the feature, Dan Caplis was a lawyer with one mission in mind: to do everything he could to prevent Barack Obama from being President of the United States. Craig Silverman was his foil who argued the merits of an Obama presidency.

Although the two had very different viewpoints, the feature shows that the two shared a special friendship. They could argue about politics for three hours and go out to dinner afterwards. In addition to that, they allowed guests to speak without barking back at them or jumping on their points. A wide variety of guests went on the show, including then-Denver mayor, John Hickenlooper. Hickenlooper, a moderate Democrat, is now the governor of Colorado.

While the show did end several years ago, Dan Caplis has his own radio show now. He is still a lawyer, and he and Silverman are still friends. In fact, Silverman often comes on the show and serves as a guest host when Caplis is unavailable. Although the two contradicted each other, it was a show that featured civil discussion. Both lawyers discussed the issues from a legal perspective, and they had respect for one another. If you haven’t had the chance to check out the feature, it’s interesting to compare what political shows were like just ten short years ago. And refreshing to know that civility can still be found on The Dan Caplis Show to this day.

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