Dan Caplis Remembers How He Proposed to His Wife Live on the Air

They say that you’ll always remember your wedding proposal. Whether you were the down on one knee or the one who said yes, a wedding proposal is something you’ll talk about for the rest of your life. This is why Dan Caplis wanted to do something different for his.

Dan Caplis proposed to his now wife, Aimee  Sporer-Caplis, back in 1993 on a live television broadcast. Aimee Sporer was an anchorwoman for Channel 4 in Denver. Dan Caplis was the channel’s legal expert and was explaining to viewers how judges determine criminal sentences.

All of a sudden, Dan Caplis took out a boxed ring from his pocket and dropped it right in front of Aimee. He announced that the audience and television crew was his extended family and wanted them to be there for the big moment. He asked the question, and Aimee, verging on tears, said, “I would love to marry you. I love you.” Then the newscast went to commercial break.

Although the television audience did not know it at the time, Dan Caplis and Aimee Sporer had been dating for over a year. Still, the proposal was a complete shock to Aimee. Not to be outdone, Dan was barely able to get enough air to speak as he was overwhelmed as well.

Not every wedding proposal ends with a happy ending. Luckily, the story of the Caplis family is one that does. Dan Caplis and Aimee Sporer soon got married and had two children together. Dan Caplis’s career flourished, and he is now the founding partner of Dan Caplis Law and hosts the Dan Caplis Show on weekday evenings.

If you or a loved one have been the victims of a serious injury and are in need of the best attorney to fight for your rights, you should contact Dan Caplis Law as soon as possible. Dan Caplis has successfully settled thousands of cases for his clients. He specializes in catastrophic personal injury cases including slip and falls, drugged driving accidents, and , and drunk driving accidents. Dan is also a respected legal analyst and has been featured in a wide variety of publications.

Finally, Dan Caplis is a humanitarian and a family man. He has been awarded for his work on behalf of the disadvantaged. A Rocky Mountain News reporter once called Dan a Colorado treasure. Today, Dan Caplis is still very happily married to Aimee, and the two lead a wonderful life together with their children, family, and friends.

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